General Construction

Reams Construction Co. has been in the construction business for more than thirty years and we are proud of the vast variety of services that we offer to both the public and private sectors. While we specialize in the challenges that the Western Slope of Colorado presents, we also provide general contract services in the neighboring states of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. We have even had projects as far away as South Dakota. We will come wherever you need us and our biggest concern is getting your project done on budget and on time! Please contact if you are interested in any of these services:

  • General Excavation – We offer services in all areas: digging, loading, trenching, earth moving, and land clearing.
  • Earth Moving – We have the equipment for moving earth from one place to another for your general needs.
  • Road Construction – We are involved in all aspects of constructing roads, from excavation and earth moving to compaction.
  • Heavy Equipment – We have all the heavy equipment necessary to get the job done right, whatever your needs.
  • Site Work – We work with you to prepare your piece of land for a future building or set of buildings.
  • Demolition – We can help you clear your site with the destruction and removal of existing buildings.
  • Reservoirs and Dams – We have the ability to assist you on whatever type of water retention project that you have, including pond installation.
  • Underground Utilities – We can assist you by placing power, cable, and telephone lines and waterworks underground. This not only prevents damage and outages during storms, it provides safer and healthier public areas, improved aesthetics, greater property values, and environmental protection.
  • Sand and Gravel – We can provide all the aggregates you need for your project.
  • Oilfield – We have a lot of experience in the oilfield, starting with building locations and road services, liner installations, equipment rental, water services, hotshot services, welding, blasting, and roustabout services, waste disposal, pipelines, and local office and administration services. After the drilling is done, we can reclaim and revegetate the site.