E&P Treatment & Recycling Facility

Reams Construction Co. (RCC) offers treatment and recycling services for Exploration and Production (E&P) generated waste from down hole source including produced water, pit water, frac water, flowback and drilling fluids as well as Petroleum Contaminated Soils (PCS) including inverted mud (oil based), polymer based mud, drill cuttings, frac sands and tank bottoms.  Our facility is constantly undergoing expansion as well as maintaining compliance Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) to accommodate the changing requirements of gas and oil exploration.

We provide quality control through a pristine chain of custody in our paperwork ensuring that the waste stream is properly tracked and by providing our own transportation fleet with fully trained drivers and site attendants to accept only waste streams listed in our permit.


History of the Treatment and Recycling Facility

Since 2004 Reams Construction Co. has designed and constructed their unique facility to be an environmentally sound model in the E&P treatment and recycling industry. We strive to not only meet regulations but to exceed them, and plan on further expanding the facility while implementing new, environmentally friendly technology.

We built our facility on an area that is geologically sound for Exploration and Production (E&P) wastewater treatment. To meet strict environmental regulations, the area sits on a natural clay layer covered with a layer of gravel. Additional clay was installed into the impoundments at 95% impaction, and exceeds permeability requirements of 1×10-7 cm/sec; ours is 1×10-8 cm/sec. The 80-pond evaporative facility is located on Hwy. 141, 4.5 miles southeast of Naturita, Colorado. The 12.5-acre operational area consists of a receiving area, a tank farm, four impoundments and two land farm cells. Future plans include more ponds and a landfill cell for PCS that cannot be farmed.

80 Pond Build 4

Description of the Facility

Because we are involved in every step of the process, from the transfer of wastewater to treating it and finally releasing it safely back into the environment, Reams Construction Co. is able to closely monitor all aspects involved. Our state-of-the art facility was designed specifically to meet the requirements of treating E&P wastewater in the safest manner possible.

Special Responsibilities of the Facility

E&P waste is not considered hazardous when generated from a downhole source. Reams Construction Co. only accepts waste from downhole sources, therefore we are not required to carry hazardous waste permits. However, we recognize that the waste that is generated is still waste and must be contained to the site and not be allowed to penetrate groundwater sources. Due to this fact, we take the following special precautions:

  • Records of all waste are maintained for at least three years and include copies of all necessary records and documents that show identity of the waste generator, location of waste pickup site, type and volume of waste, identity of the waste transporter, date of transport, and name and location of the treatment and disposal site.
  • E&P water is sampled before being discharged into the facility.
  • A berm is constructed around the entire facility for waste and stormwater containment.
  • Monitoring wells around the perimeter of the facility are used to periodically test the water table surrounding the facility inorder to detect any changes.
  • All spills are properly contained and disposed of in a timely manner.

80 Pond Build 5

Strengths of the Facility

We pride ourselves on our facility, which is unique to our oilfield services. The 134-acre area that the facility is located on allows for plenty of expansion including additional ponds, a staging area, and a storage area. Located on highway frontage land with one permitted access road, the property is mostly flat with draws on the southern and northwestern sides. Reams Ranches has the third water right on the San Miguel River and therefore RCC always has access to a fresh water source. Our primary pump station is located approximately 1 mile north of the facility on Naturita Creek. During droughts, pump stations are available on ranch property approximately 5 miles north of the facility at the Tomcat Gravel Pit, at the main ranch buildings on the San Miguel River, and approximately 10 miles east of the facility on Naturita Creek near Redvale, Colorado.