Water and Wastewater

Reams Construction Co. has been in the construction business since the late ’70s, and we are proud of the vast variety of services that we offer to both the public and private sectors. One area that we specialize in is construction of water and wastewater systems and facilities. This is in addition to our own water treatment and recycling facility. Please┬ácontact us if you are interested in any of these services:

  • Water Treatment Facilities – We won a national environmental award for the work we did at the Eagle Mine Site in Minturn, Colorado. This abandoned mine was extremely toxic, with the groundwater so saturated that the nearby Eagle River ran orange. We designed a water treatment facility that uses soda ash and lime to treat the heavy metals before the water re-enters the river.
  • Water Distribution Systems – One project we are proud of is Old Elam Ranch, a residential development in the San Juan Mountains near Telluride. We were able to construct environmentally friendly waterworks and infrastructure by burying the water tanks and setting up a solar collection system that generates the electricity required for their waterworks.
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities – We can assist you in the design and construction of a facility to treat wastewater, sewage, and contaminated fluids.
  • Wastewater Collection Systems – We can help you design and construct a facility for collecting, pumping, and conveying wastewater, sewage, and contaminated fluids.
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Water and Sewer Systems – We can repair, renew, and upgrade your existing water and sewer systems for optimal performance and to meet the latest regulations and requirements.